We provide much more than the standard employee relationship.

Many NPO’s require bookkeeping services at less than full-time employment and are experiencing challenges with retention of staff. Organizations hire individuals, invest in training and then have to replace them when full-time employment is secured elsewhere.

We secure individuals who perform similar roles at various NPO’s, ensuring they have the adequate hours required for their continued employment with our firm. This is a great savings to many of our NPO’s in training time alone.

The relationship with our NPO’s is one built on a foundation of mutual support with the intention of improving efficiencies in their financial reporting. We are able to leverage off the experiences with our other NPO’s to share procedural efficiencies that may be applicable to your organization. This is accomplished while maintaining the strictest of confidences of the individual organization.

A few of the benefits you will receive through engaging our services

Leveraging & Efficiencies

We work hard to ensure that we develop a full understanding of all our NPO’s. While each is unique there are many commonalities among the organizations. We are able to use this knowledge to find efficiencies that can save your organization both time and money.

Some of our NPO’s have found using our services has improved their year-end audit procedures and we are hoping they will see a cost savings on their annual audit fee in the future. Other NPO’s have benefited from improved financial reporting to their Board of Directors.

Also, as our staff is familiar with many of the unique areas that occur in financial reporting for NPO’s, we find that they are more efficient in completing the day-to-day tasks than the average employee. This often creates time for better reporting or completion of projects that are always left on the “back burner”.


Many NPO’s are not able to have a large enough staff to cover vacations or unexpected leaves or absences. As we have a pool of individuals to draw from, we are able to provide vacation coverage and/or long-term coverage with minimal time required to familiarize with the organization. This can reduce coverage costs and can increase employee morale as it is less stressful to arrange to take a vacation or leave.

In addition, some of our NPO’s are using our services to ensure that they have adequate coverage of their knowledge bases. For example, one organization uses a very specialized database but has only been able to have one individual at a time trained in its operation. They are using our services to train a couple of people so that they are familiar with the system and are able to provide coverage for any unforeseen events.


We pride ourselves on being accommodating and flexible with our NPO partners. For you, this means arranging schedules to ensure that tasks or deadlines are met even though they may not occur on a scheduled day.

We will endeavor to work with all scheduling requests put forward by your organization.


Our staff is supported by myself, a fully qualified Chartered Professional  Accountant. If any unusual transaction or situation arises the staff are able to approach me for guidance and suggestions. In addition, we have working relationships with many accounting firms that specialize in reporting for NPO’s that can also provide some additional support if required.

Other Services Available

  •  Payroll preparation (union and non-union)
  • Budget assistance and budget templating
  • Specialized reporting 
  • Charity Information Return preparation
  • Year-end working paper preparation
  • Various projects that organizations do not have the time or resources to accomplish