We provide much more than the standard employee relationship.

Many law offices require bookkeeping services at less than full-time employment.  As such, a contract position may be ideal for your unique business requirements.  Our firm provides qualified bookkeeping services from staff trained to understand the specialty reporting requirements and deadlines of law firms.

Our staff are very familiar with PC Law as an accounting program and are happy to work with your legal assistants to ensure that all your accounting and disbursement recording needs are met.  We are familiar with the Law Society of BC’s trust reporting rules and help you to meet these requirements.  We are familiar with both the Trust Administration Fee remittances and the annual Trust Self-Reporting (Form 47).

We understand that your first priority is legal services.  Our services can be tailored to meet your individual firm’s requirements.  For some clients, that is working on-site on a regular scheduled basis, for others it is working remotely from our offices. We work with you to find the arrangement that is best suited to provide your firm with the most efficient work flow.

A few of the benefits you will receive through engaging our services

Law Society Reporting

At our firm, we understand that law firms operate within the strictures of the Law Society of BC.  We are familiar with the trust reporting rules and can help your firm meet all of the reporting requirements.  We are structured to be able to provide accurate and timely bank reconciliations for all your general and trust accounts.

For many of our law firm clients, we also assist with the preparation of the annual Form 47 Trust Self-Reporting to the Law Society.  In addition, we are able to provide assistance in the case of a Law Society audit so that it is less disruptive to your staff.

Cash Flow Management

Many of our clients value our assistance with cash flow management.  We are able to meet with you regularly to review your upcoming cash requirements, accounts receivables and work-in-progress to ensure that your cash is managed in the best possible way!

We often record the firm’s payables, prepare the cheques and ensure that GST and PST are filed on-time and correctly.  We reconcile any credit cards that are being used by the firm to record expenses and make sure that the expenses are recorded correctly to provide you with the best information on your expenses for decision-making purposes.

Financial Statements
and Tax Planning

Unlike many bookkeepers, we are a full-service accounting firm and are able to prepare Notice to Reader financial statements and provide wage and tax planning advice to our clients.  In addition, we are also able to prepare your personal income tax returns.  Being able to provide the full package has provided some of our clients with an overall reduced cost on their accounting needs.

For other clients, they are very comfortable with their existing accountant and we respect that relationship and work closely with the existing accountant.

Other Services Available

  • Payroll preparation and T4 reporting
  • Cash flow assistance and consulting
  • Year-end working paper preparation
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Corporate and Personal Tax Planning